Computer Hardware

Computers are the workhorses of any modern business. Make sure you’ve got the right computer equipment for the job.

Customer: “What is the speed of the RAM in this computer?”
Associate: “4 gigs…”
Customer: “but that’s a capacity not a speed.”
Customer: “Is the controller board on this hard drive designed for surveillance, NAS, or desktop computers? How much cache is on it?”
Associate: “I’m not sure, but it should work.”

The trouble with most big box store sales associates is that many of them do not have the in-depth knowledge required to offer advice on the best, most cost-effective product for your situation. Make sure you’ve got the equipment you need to give you the biggest bang for your buck.


Decktop PC's
We can build great cost affective economic desktop computers that will help you multitask without feeling sluggish, or we can build you a lean mean gaming titan worthy of bringing home all the bragging rights.




Laptops are great solutions bring you a great balance of performance and mobility. We wouldn’t know what to do without them, especially for those on the go. But too many times we run into people who get a laptop and 6 months later want to set it on fire while waiting for programs to load. Don’t let that happen to you. We can help you get a laptop that will last years.




What’s a Server? A Server is a piece of hardware that “serves” something. Usually to your employees or customers. Servers are mission critical to many businesses. They can also get expensive. We can offer solid robust servers to meet your needs. And, we can offer solutions to put more servers onto a single piece of hardware, saving you money.




Server Cabinets
You’ve got wires, switches, routers, and maybe even servers strung out taking up space and looking just terrible. These aren’t the only concerns though. It’s all vulnerable to intrusion. In today's world, most breaches don't occur while data traverses the net. Most data breaches occur on-site! Get an extra layer of physical protection by getting enclosed cabinets. Rack cabinets can be tall, short, slide under desks or hang up high. A.N.S. can hook you up with cabinets best suited for you and decrease your hardware’s footprint.



Networking Hardware

Networks keep you connected; to everything. You need them for file sharing, printers, the internet and accessing work files on the go. There’s a lot of data bouncing around and you need hardware that can get that data from point A to point B quick so you can keep moving. You also need secure yet flexible solutions. Fast, secure networks keep you efficient and profitable. A Slow network can cause productivity to suffer and chew into your annual profit margin. Don’t let that happen.


Network Equiptment
Switches, routers, VPN’s, hardware firewalls and the list goes on and on. Network hardware can fit into a wide range of rolls or exist to serve 1 specific but important function. A.N.S. will go over your networking needs and can offer suggestions to meet those needs and configure the devices for you.




VOIP Phone Systems
Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone systems can offer a lot of benefits over traditional phone systems. VOIP systems can save money, increase profitability, offer more flexibility, and increased functionality.


Camera Systems
Surveillance camera systems offer a layer of security from theft, employee productivity and make it easier to manage insurance claims or recover stolen or damaged property and more. The A.N.S. Argus surveillance camera systems are top of the line security camera solutions at a fraction of the cost of other systems. Cutting edge encoding for maximum recording efficiency, redundant storage, and 4MP cameras offer better than 1080p recording even when zooming so you capture the details that matter when it counts!




Office Printers
Get higher efficiency printers and more features for scanning and file sharing by letting A.N.S. help you pick a better printer. Depending on your needs, a better printer doesn't always mean you need to lease a $15,000 duplex printer.