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ARGUS Panoptes was the all seeing one-hundred eyed giant tasked by Hera to watch over Io. It’s a fitting name for our flagship Camera system. Argus is our custom built, high performance Network Video Recorders. Our systems are full-fledged high-performance computers running industry lrading NVR software on windows 10 enterprise. Our systems are built with only the highest quality components consisting of i7 and i9 intel processors, a minimum of 8GB of RAM and hard drives purpose built for surveillance applications. ARGUS NVR's are top of the line surveillance systems with feature sets most systems simply cannot compete with.

Expandable Storage

Expandable NVR Storage

Storage requirements very wildly from one business to the next, and those requirements may change. With our ARGUS system, that’s not a problem. Our systems can expand from 1TB to over 90TB without a single tool and with virtually no downtime. With a simple reboot, and locking, hot swap drive bays your can increase storage capacity or swap out an old failed drive in seconds.

Camera Options

High Quality Cameras

Quality high end, advanced camera system options with resolutions ranging from 2MP (1080) to resolutions beyond 4k (8MP), up to 12MP. Fisheye cameras offer 360-degree field of view helping eliminate blind spots. Our camera solutions are waterproof, vandal resistant, and night vision capable. Our systems can scale from 1 to 64 cameras and beyond.

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